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YDM ON #8 Changes in Media and UX Design



 YDM ON #8 Changes in Media and UX Design


YDM On had its 8th gathering last Tuesday on 29 March. Every month YDM On is held to gather YDM Family members to talk and share their insights in Digital Marketing and this time we invited Donghoon Kim (CEO, Handstudio) and Heather Lee (Director, Emotion) as speakers of the day.


UX Design trend changes along with the changes in Media. We learned what we should know as a digital marketer from stories Donghoon Kim who has specialty in home media and Heather Lee who is an expert of UX in digital media shared with us.


Session1. Past, present and future in home media방극장의 과거, 현재 그리고 미래 

Handstudio (www.handstudio.net) is a subsidiary of YDM who is in a business of UI/UX development in a content-centered smart media (Smart TV/Mobile) application and multi-device convergence industry. Donghoon Kim(CEO, Handstudio) shared his experiences and visions about today’s home media and how it will be changed in the future.


 “Since Samsung electronics showed first smart TV at CES 2010, the market had competitively grown by manufacturers and application developers. But soon market was questioned with the quality of such applications which were more customized for mobile devices rather than customized for smart TV. That is where Handstudio saw its business potential in the market. For examples, application which can be used for riding bicycle while watching TV or which can be used for bringing information of media contents from search engines on TV. There are still difficulties arising from limitation of UX due to remote control, lack of diversity in platform and lastly people are not used to using applications on TV. In near future, we see a bright side in the market more focusing on contents curating rather than application itself.




Session 2. Between UX Design and Service Design​ 

Emotion (www.emotion.co.kr), a subsidiary of YDM, has been in industry for 20 years growing together with a growth of Internet history in Korea. Heather Lee(Director, Emotion) shared us with her insight about UX design and service design in digital media.



“IPhone’s appearance achieved a sudden revolution to an instinctive UI and left us with a big project to contain numerous information to fit in even smaller screen. To solve this issue, you need to research everything about users including user behavior, habit, way of thinking and etc so it can provide an optimized user experience within designed contents. For example, even from product packaging process to customer’s feedback, every steps and every matter can be inspired to the design that affects to user experience.




Service design is the next concept of UX design. Meaning service design should reflect any feedback requested by interested parties and create visible service which can change customer’s behavior. Success point is to figure out where the touch point between user and the service is and utilize well of the customer journey map to monetize where the paying point is throughout user interaction.”