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YDM ON 7th Story : Take a look into Korea’s social media status through Active Users



YDM ON 7th Story

Take a look into Korea’s social media status through Active Users

YDM On had its 7th gathering last Friday on 23 February. Every month YDM On is held to gather YDM Family members to talk and share their insights in Digital Marketing and this time we invited Hobin Aaron Kyung (Media Service & Solution Group Leader, Dmajor) as a speaker of the day.

For digital marketers like us, we all know how important it is to keep an eye on the change of Social Media. Hobin Kyung expressed its importance to look out the fragmented characteristics in individual platforms as described below. 




 Fragmented characteristics of Platform


The fragmentation of Platform has resulted from the fact that usage of social media can differ by generations depending on its purpose or features of each social media. The Forrester Research released in Dec 2015 shows that American teens think Facebook has definitely lost its cool factor as a ‘A Hip place for Young people’ after an increase of user numbers in older generation, but still use it as much as ever to keep in touch with friends. However the result shows differently with millennial users as they use a variety of social networks for news and information, especially Facebook. You don’t know where your friend is getting their news from but you can openly have a dialogue contents within Platform. So users want to receive curated contents which are customized to individuals in Platform.



Social media is shifting

Last year, Instagram and Band (by LINE) showed big hits in Korea attracting different target users. Instagram has built a strong user pool within 1020 (Users in their 10’s to 20’s) with a dramatic increase of Active User numbers, whereas Band has attracted users in their 30’s or over (4050, users between 40’s and 50’s).


Band is a closed social network platform providing an optimized service for Family, friends or small group gathering with separated area between Communication and Contents in platform.다. 




 No more monotonous media planning!’ 


Fragmentation in Social media requires digital marketer to take new challenges in Media planning. Nowadays everyone uses multiple social media platforms and marketers need to make the best use of each fragmented platform. 


And yet there are not many marketing activities tried in Band to figure out which contents are effective, what kind of advertising effect we can expect, how we can utilize Band as Marketing channel and etc.


It helps if you refer to a case study or benchmarking of marketing result of an existing platform that has a similarity in characteristic of platform when executing marketing campaigns in a new platform. For example, Plus Friend (by Kakao) is also a closed social network platform contains similar advertising products and had executed various marketing campaigns through its platform. From the result, we believe that campaigns indicating a clear and direct benefit to users generated better immediate response. If you can focus on those success points, it will bring a successful marketing result.



* About Hobin Aaron Kyung (Media Service & Solution Group Leader, Dmajor)

Hobin Kyung has various working experiences in major companies such as Nasmedia, KT previously. Also he has published 3 books about SNS Marketing, Mobile Insights and etc.