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S Korea’s Yello Digital eyes wider Asean reach with Singapore HQ: CEO David Lee



S Korea’s Yello Digital eyes wider Asean reach with Singapore HQ: CEO David Lee 

Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc December 27, 2015:  


Yello Digital Marketing (YDM), the adtech arm of South Korea’s unicorn Yello Mobile, has been known for its aggressive acquisitions in Southeast Asia (SEA) startup markets. A subsidiary of internet startup Yello Mobile, which has over 80 companies and affiliates under its umbrella, YDM also has what it calls “family” of 22 members. The network includes six companies that it has acquired from the SEA region only within 2015: Adyim and Computerlogy (Thailand), Adplus and MediaTrac (Indonesia), GushCloud (Singapore) and CleverAds (Vietnam).




YDM continues to strive for the leading status in Asia as a digital marketing and adtech platform via the cross-border alliance model. The South Korean company has opened its global headquarters in Singapore, helping it better connect the invested companies across SEA and make bigger moves in this region.


YDM is focusing on five southeast Asian countries, which include Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia; and is also looking at opportunities from the Philippines.


“Since YDM is a startup and our goal is to become the leading digital marketing group in Asia, SEA is the place for us to penetrate in an early stage which will allow us to have the dominant position,” YDM chief executive David Lee told DEALSTREETASIA in an interaction. Edited excerpts.


What made you choose Singapore as your global headquarters?


For marketing, the location of the brand is important, and a lot of the major brands are headquartered in Singapore for Asia. Geographically, Singapore is conveniently located for travelling to other countries. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to headquarter our office here.


Do you think Singapore can be the gateway for investments into different companies in other SEA countries?


Rather than considering YDM entering this market, it’s more of a headquarters for family companies such as CleverAds and GushCloud to be able to utilise the hub. This place is meant to be a satellite office, so any company in the region that is part of YDM can come to register its business for Singapore or Southeast Asia; and also use it as a sales office. The purpose is more for family companies.